An exclusive and unique association between two world class designers & creative minds : 21 signature villas by award winning architect Albert Abut of ALBERT ABUT ARCHITECTURE and a signature 18 hole Eco-Golf Course by the internationally acclaimed golfer Greg Norman of GREG NORMAN GOLF COURSE DESIGN, on a 70 Ha property, Bora Bora island, French Polynesia

    History of Bora Bora
    Bora Bora was settled by Polynesian people around the 4th century. You may be more familiar with the story of Captain James Cook, considered by many to have been the greatest of the explorers, sighting the island in 1777.

    So, locals had been living there for more than 1300 years. What a shock it must have been to see Captain Cook sail in!

    Cook did something no previous European explorer to touch on a Polynesian island had ever done: he learned the basics of the local language, and then he used his rudimentary linguistic skills to ask how the islanders sailed and navigated their canoes, and where they voyaged. They were able to explain how Polynesians sailed their canoes and navigated by reference to the sun, moon and stars, and to provide information on islands immediately surrounding Bora Bora as well as those a considerable distance away.

    Since then visitors from all over the world fall in love with Bora Bora, this heavenly island, its beaches, its shimmering lagoon and unimaginable magical shades of blue, but they also fell in love with its lifestyle, the friendliness of its people and … the legendary vahine.

    A myth was born and still lives on today.

    The Pearl of the Pacific
    Bora Bora’s nickname of "Pearl of the Pacific” originates from its scenery and its spectacular lagoon. The island has created it’s own myth. This volcanic island and its Crown of Motus managed to make a name for itself, one that many dream of. It’s mountain (Mount Otemanu - 727 m), with its sharp landscape creates a peaceful setting with green surroundings (hiking is organized there). But what makes Bora Bora such a heavenly island is its lagoon. Come rain or come shine, the lagoon dazzles. Offering translucent and deep shades of blue and hundreds of emerald shades of turquoise green, the lagoon is a magical show for one who takes the time to observe it. If you want to see the most beautiful sunsets, this is the place to be. With the horizon, out of sight, the sun drowns itself in an orange, pink, or yellow sky depending on the weather … a breathtaking natural spectacle.

    When it comes to Bora Bora, one mustn’t forget its underwater landscapes of great beauty. Hidden away in flora that is still preserved you will come across hundreds of tropical fish, manta rays, sharks, barracudas, whales. For diving lovers, you must come and share unique moments in the deep blue of the ocean or in the clear water of the lagoon. But even a swim with flippers, a mask and snorkel are enough to admire the tropical fish sheltered in the coral ergs along the beaches.

    A lifestyle
    Bora Bora is one of the rare tourist destinations that has been preserved from usual excessive urbanization. One of its strongest assets is to be remote enough to attract a faithful exclusive and wealthy clientele.

    Of course, the pace of life on Bora Bora is not the same if you are a tourist or a resident. The islanders generally live with the sun: they get up early, but go to bed early (the sun sets no later than 7 pm). But in any case, whether you live there or you are a visitor, the notion of time becomes secondary to everyone. It must be the fact that being so far away from everything makes people take their time for everything they do. There will therefore always be a smile or some exchange of kind words as there is always time for that.

    No matter where you go, beach, city (Vaitape) or on a shopping trip (shopping here is done in a few small shops that only sell souvenirs, there are no major surf or clothing brands) everyone takes his/her time, there’s no hurry. It is a small village tucked away in the Pacific. Food stores open early and everything is closed at 6 pm (except restaurants). Which for a tourist destination seems strange. Everything happens in hotels at night. There is no real nightlife and this certainly contributes to the quiet lifestyle.

    Not to miss is the Heiva, the yearly Polynesian festival every July when beautiful vahine and male dancers (tane) compete on the traditional dance floors or perform traditional boat races.

    Bora Bora also owes its reputation to numerous artists, writers as well as to Alain Gerbault the Navigator or to Paul Emile Victor the explorer who both came to live on the island.

    Why do they come to Bora Bora?
    Borabora is a French island in the middle of the Pacific

    If French Polynesia and her islands are the crowning glory of the South Pacific depicted in the paintings of Paul Gauguin and André Masson, then Bora Bora is the sparkling gem in the middle of that crown. The island really deserves its reputation of 'the most beautiful island in the world".

    Movie stars, billionaires and celebrities have been regular visitors, for decades; to this gem of basalt rock which is always breathtaking even to the most travel hardened visitor.

    Also as they want to have their own intimacy far away from the urban crowd Bora Bora is the perfect island for a peaceful rest.

    How to come to Bora Bora?
    The touch down will be at Faaa Intl Airport on Tahiti island. There are several airlines that depart from Los Angeles, Honolulu, Paris, Tokyo, Auckland, Santiago (Chile) and land in Tahiti by Air Tahiti Nui, Air New Zealand, Air France, Hawaiian Air & Lan Chile.

    Then, after sharing your croissant with the tropical birds and enjoy a good café crème in the airport cafe you can take a regular 45 mn flight with the local airline Air Tahiti to Bora Bora. 

    Papeete Bora Bora Air Tahiti route map:

    You can also fly your own jet or sail your own yacht to Bora Bora.

    Where to stay when you don’t own a property on the island?
    People from all over the world have either already been to Bora Bora or want to go there. The biggest luxury hotel groups have understood this: Four Seasons, St Régis, Hilton among others, have all set up properties here and not surprisingly it is the most luxurious hotels that have occupancy rates nearing 100% all year round.

    There is a large demand from a wealthy international clientele to acquire a villa in Bora Bora, yet the difficulty today lies in the fact that most of the land on the island is in joint ownership. The land that isn’t, is rare, made of only a few hundred square meters, badly located and overpriced! There are no villas for sale in Bora Bora or the ones for sale are on the motus, fully exposed to floods caused by hurricanes, tsunamis and maybe in the near future by global warming (reason why real-estate advisors of potential buyers don’t recommend purchase on the motus any more).

    Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando were right in the 70’s when they built “The Bora Bora Condos” with seventeen villas -among which 8 high on the northern hills of the island and with similar breathtaking views as the ones on the Faaopore bay- for their wealthy owners to enjoy the island when they please rather than stay at hotels. Our project is the next generation of these "villas sur les collines de Bora Bora".

    Climate in Bora Bora
    Temperature °C JFMAMJ JASOND
    Maximum 30 30 31 30 30 29 28 28 29 29 29 30
    Minimum 25 25 26 26 25 24 24 24 24 24 25 25

    Sunshine (h) 201 203 239 220 224 225 232 248 241 231 218 207