Eco-Golf Course, Golf Club House
    Bora Bora Eco-Golf - 18 hole Eco-Golf course

    Easy operation
    All provided solutions meet the needs of all operational features.

    Seasonal characteristics:
    The facilities are open all around the year.

    Expected distribution of clientele by type and by priority:
    1. Villa owners, their families and guests.
    2. Five Star Hotels’ guests.
    3. Honorable Members of the Bora Bora community.

    Maximum conviviality
    As places of private relaxation, as well as for meeting people during evening activities and diverse type of entertainment, the public areas help create and enhance a relaxed atmosphere.

    The Clubhouse will cater in priority to villa owners who will be seeking outstanding golf and social facilities at this luxury residence.

    The Clubhouse is also complemented by two Gastronomic Restaurants (French and Japanese) on the lagoon side and a Sunset Lounge on the ocean side

    Clubhouse Area Requirements
    The Clubhouse offers a 30 seats snack bar, pro-shop with golf retail, and an administration area.

    Entrance Lobby & Reception30 m²
    Snack Bar, Lounges and Terraces160 m²
    Public toilets30 m²
    Administrative Offices30 m²
    Pro-Shop/Retail30 m²
    Golf Change facilities140 m²
    Golf Operation Facilities140 m²
    Support Facilities60 m²
    Total Net Areas730 m²

    Card of the Course
    HoleParLengthDir. HoleParLengthDir.
    14379 104468R-L
    25520 114345
    34387R-L 124352L-R
    43252R-L 133159
    54432L-R 144396L-R
    64449L-R 154388
    73175R-L 163186L-R
    84361 174372R-L
    95558L-R 185635R-L
    OUT363512 IN353301