Project presentation
    This development is a master planned destination on the main central island of Bora Bora and totaling 70 Ha of land and maritime domain on the shores of the world’s most prized lagoon.

    In French Polynesia the villas of most resort hotels are situated on the motus in order to offer the guests the immediate vicinity of the inner lagoons with their unique eco-system. But when you slowly start climbing the hills of the central island you will notice that the higher you go the wider your panorama expands (and the safer you are from hurricane & tsunami waves and global warming floods). And still you remain at a respectable distance of the lagoon. This scenario is the essence of our project with the high positioning of it’s villas on the site offering breathtaking views of the lagoon, the motus, neighboring Raiatea & Tahaa islands and the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, the positioning of the site on the central island allows the owners to drive with their own car to any part of the island and navigate with their own boat anywhere on & around the lagoon. This gives a total freedom of movement and a wide choice of destinations.

    Project presentation
    The second and most important feature that was missing in Bora Bora for its international clientele was a golf course! Many projects over the years never materialized, so here was a unique opportunity to create one and develop an ambitious project for an ECO-Golf. The Master Plan uses the 60 Ha along the lagoon to build this 18 hole environment friendly ECO-golf.

    Then build 20 exclusive luxury villas on the 10 Ha located on the hills of the central island

    The Project Manager and Master Planner / Architect, co-initiator and the co-creative mind of the project, Albert Abut knows the island extremely well. For many years, he owned one of the condos built by Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando. He is now the Founder and Principal of an international architectural firm ALBERT ABUT ARCHITECTURE and his accomplishments have been published internationally. This property will therefore be a “signature” development under his name.

    The other co-initiator and the co-creative mind of the project is Franck Polvent, a highly respected figure on the island given his work in the medical field. He has lived there for over 18 years and is knowledgeable about the site as he owns the “Villa Faaopore” adjacent to the property. Having lived through the island’s evolution over the years, including its transformations and the construction of largely recognized hotels, he has also cared for and healed the grand part of its population including hotel managers, their guests, many celebrities and internationally influential figures.

    Project presentation
    Albert Abut and Franck Polvent’s associate Thibault Delacour has a background in the luxury hospitality industry with an excellent knowledge of the expectations and requirements of this type of prestigious clientele. Having worked for two years at the 5-star The Four Seasons Bora Bora Resort, Thibault has today the necessary ingredients for providing an outstanding performance under the local environment and necessities. The servicing & management of the villas, the Eco-Golf, the restaurants and the Club-House and the rentals of the villas will therefore be coordinated by an executive team managed under Thibault's strict supervision.

    Finally BORA BORA GOLF is associated to Michel Labrousse - Managing Director of Mazarin Capital and Sukhjit Randhawa - Managing Director of Zip Equity Corporation for the financial engineering of the development.