This waterfront development project includes an ocean cruise passenger terminal right in the heart of the city. The program is complex and connects 3 historical districts of Istanbul. Besides enhancing the historical value of old buildings and streets of Istanbul we propose to add a more contemporary Architecture and better Infrastructure to the city. Exactly the way Centre George Pompidou was implemented in the middle of historical Paris or the Shard in London. If one can not implement new besides old in an historical city, that city will become prisoner of it’s own history. Planning a Science Museum together with the Ataturk Monument at Sarayburnu, right in front of the Topkapi Palace, and in Karakoy, a business center with hi-tech complex tucking-in the historical buildings, will attract international travelers but also the local community. All will appreciate having lunch or dinner watching the Topkapi Palace, the Science Museum or the passenger ships, the activities in the harbor & on the Bosphorus. These will enhance the imagination and production capabilities of its people, help families learn while being entertained enhancing the buying power of the citizens. Necessary ingredients for quality of life.