Amid realistic expectations that the current demand for urban development will continue to rise, our goal is to re-conceptualize the urban landscape -- from hard, static shells standing on eternally parched, lifeless ground, to a dynamic, living, invigorating and sustainable cityscape that is as flexible and versatile as nature herself. In other words, the inspiration to focus on the dynamics of change--both on the level of global development and on the level of direct and indirect interaction between buildings and their immediate environment--comes from the ever fluid, mutable, and fundamentally poetic forces of nature herself. Higher density, increasingly high-rise buildings are both the hallmark of 21st century urbanization, and a symbol of rampant real-estate speculation. But when we become aware of local natural climates & environments and their specific cycles, we realize how most high-rise buildings today squander the benefits of being ... high-rise. With intelligent – even purely passive -- design, the dynamics of air acting on a city tower or group of towers can be utilized to obtain unprecedented results in energy efficiency. With regard to our “Linked Towers” projects, mega structures for all World cities obligated to pursue stalagmitic urban developments, or in other words “vertical communities” in a “vertical density”, we are trying to create a system with a hybrid envelope that not only operates on the basis of the fluidity of natural elements, but also incorporates the intelligence to be self sustaining and repairing.