The Housing Development Corporation of Japan (HDC) –Jutaku Sebi Kodan- gave to the partnership “AAA / Equipe Espace“ (the partnership) the planning, landscaping and circulation concept for the Center-Minami Area of Kohoku New Town (KNT), a recent city development within the Greater Yokohama area. Giving unity to the new town: the partnership therefore designed more than 4.9 km of avenues, boulevards, pedestrian walkways, and their interlinking public spaces. 12 pedestrian bridges designed also by the same team form the connections between the various entities of KNT and tie the new development to the adjacent Sogo public park, a remainder of the countryside from which is born this new city. The hilly topography helped the separation of vehicular and pedestrian levels, and a system of gentle slopes was incorporated, allowing for comfortable access of all urban spaces. Creating a new urbanity: the overall concept was to give a visual and spatial identity to this development, generating a new discernible pattern language, a visual hierarchy for the city. Under this carpet all the infrastructure has been coordinated together with the civil engineers of KNT. A green matrix, developed by our partner Equipe Espace alternates with the mineral, reflecting the importance and function of each axis and each communication line.